Trophy Fishing at Wolf Bay Lodge

Sava Lake Outpost


Sava Lake, Saskatchewan

Welcome to Sava Lake Outpost.   The Sava chain of lakes include Anderson Lake, Sava Lake, Nuefeld Lake, Melnyk Lake, and are located near the Manitoba Saskatchewan provincial border northeast of Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan Canada.  These virgin lakes are pristine in nature and host abundant wildlife and fishing opportunities.

Sava Lake is 12 miles in length with depths down to 70 feet and holds trophy Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout.  The adjoining lakes are accessible by short portages and host multiple species of fish and are yours to explore and enjoy.

The accommodations on Sava include a new 2 bedroom cottage with full kitchen, bathroom and living facilities.  An additional guest cottage makes this camp a comfortable private retreat for a maximum of 6 persons.  The 16 foot aluminum boats are equipped with 15hp Yamaha outboards, with additional boats at the accessible portage lakes.


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Sava Topo New Site




Click on Link Below to See Sava Lake on Google Earth in Hi-Resolution

58°39’58.05″ N 102°18’26.76″ W

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