Trophy Fishing at Wolf Bay Lodge

The Lakes

The Lakes

Journey to the remote Northern Canadian Phelps Lake in the beautiful “Land of the Living Skies,” and take home a memory that will last a lifetime. Fly via Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Points North where a float plane will whisk you over the Canadian wilderness to Phelps Lake. Wolf Bay Lodge is the lone occupancy on Phelps Lake with no commercial fishing or added fishing pressures. Phelps Lake has never been commercially fished and just recently opened up to angling in the 1990’s.

Located on the edge of the Canadian Shield this glacier formed 13,500 hectare lake is approximately 30 miles long by 6 miles wide with fantastic structure. Rock outcroppings and sand eskers adorn the lakes awe-inspiring scenery. It is dappled by countless islands and supported by numerous tributaries; Phelps Lake provides superb habitat for the fish residents.

Wolf Bay Lodge also has exclusive day use of some of the surrounding lakes. Many of the bays and channels of these lakes are untouched and have never seen a boat let alone had a lure cast upon the water. MacDonald Lake to the North East of Phelps lake is a 5 mile long lake that has resident Pike and Lake Trout fishing.  Nisku Lake to the East of Phelps is a larger body of water.  Edwards and Bickerton Lakes are to the South East of Phelps lake and combined stretch an additional 12 miles.  Jada lake is in the extreme South part of Phelps lake and has deep moving water with Lake trout.

This is a chance opportunity to explore uncharted waters and to cast a line upon virgin waters. The fish on Phelps Lake and the surrounding lakes are plentiful and vigorous, and are ready to strike at any oncoming lures.


Phelps Lake area hosts a wide diversity of wildlife and waterfowl.  On its treeline border, many large mammals traverse the lands.  Black bear, moose, caribou, and the trademark wolf are frequently seen. Each winter the Qamanirjuaq and Kimberly herds of barren land caribou merge and traverse the Phelps Lake area on their annual migration.  The two herds combined are estimated at 400 to 600 thousand caribou.

More elite species such as the polar bear and barrenland grizzly bear have also been known to pass through the area.  Also residing in the area are countless species of small game such as martens, otters, red squirrels and wolverines.

Each spring season Phelps Lake is inundated by flocks of waterfowl searching for their summer nesting sites.  Loons, Canada geese, mergansers, bonaparte gulls, ospreys, bald & golden eagles are among some of the many species that inhabit the lake and surrounding area.

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